About Mother Martha'sSawubona! Dumela! Welcome!

The warm and healing sun and soul of Africa are part and parcel of this website. Mother Martha’s website was born out of Mother Martha’s call to South Africa in 1997. The call to South Africa was a call to live into a place of healing in her life. Motherhood was the entrance to a new way of being. With the birth of her first child, Martha left law and answered the call to seminary and the ordained life of an Episcopal ministry. With the birth of her second child, Martha lived through cancer surgery and then answered the call to live with her family in South Africa for three years. During her time in South Africa, the feminine voice of God made its presence known through friendships and ministries. Since returning to the States in 2000, Mother Martha has been working on blending the feminine and healing voice and presence of God with her writing, work and ministry as a priest, mother, daughter, wife and child of God. What is God’s call for us in this world? How do we find that call and vocation? How do we experience healing from past injury and live into wholeness? How do we unbind the Spirit of God in each of us and live into our unique work in the world?

This website is the culmination of Mother Martha’s work and a lifetime of healing. It contains not only Mother Martha’s writing in her meditations and sermons but also lecture and retreat opportunities with her. The logo of the website is the African rondaval or hut. I hope that this website will be a way to welcome yourself home to your deepest self. It is said that an African rondaval is round with no corners so no spirit can become stuck. Come into Mother Martha’s rondaval today. Connect with her story and find your own. Sale Kahle. Stay well! Hamba Kahle! Go well!

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