ACT III:  The Pilgrim’s Journey of Vocation

Experts say that nowadays folks will have many different vocations or jobs in their lifetimes.  Our young adults might expect to change jobs and homes several times.  Seems like a far cry from earlier generations who hoped to buy a home in their hometown, get a job at a local company and stay there until retirement.  With the economic changes of the past decades, all of us have found that we are all pilgrims of vocation–whether we like it or not.  This program year, Mother Martha’s retreats will offer several opportunities to sit a spell and ponder what this might mean for you–whether you are facing retirement or a new job or an unexpected change or just starting out in the job market.

ACT III, Scene Two:  A Second Evening Together

Join us at Wendy Shuford’s home in Cross Keys on Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30 to meet together and discuss the book An Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.  Making a transition to a new life or vocation often means just taking it a step at a time.  Come for light fare and deep conversation!  Register Here.

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