Traveler on the Way

Traveler on the Way by Martha N. MacgillLife is a journey—so they say. Sometimes we have a definite path ahead. Sometimes we feel that we are meandering all over the map. And sometimes we come to a fork in the road and have to decide. Which road is the right road for us? How do we know?

Join Martha Macgill as she wrestles with her own fork in the road—a decision about whether to leave her American homeland and go to South Africa as a young mother, wife, and Episcopal priest. Will she or won’t she say yes to South Africa? What stands in the way? What other travelers does she meet on her way? What does her choice tell her about the journey ahead? What insight does her struggling, her choices, and her life tell you about your own path and choices in life?

Traveler on the Way is available in paperback on or as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

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